by Tumble Audio



"Often you write a review and try and delicately highlight its intricacies and the emotions conveyed to you, other times you just wanna repeateadly type out 'Just fucking listen to how awesome this is' over and over again.

The debut release from Nottingham based label Tumble Audio is one of the later. Produced by Killjoy aka Ashburner, The XTC EP was comprised originally of three tracks; however an error in distribution means we now get four slices of adrenaline fuelled dancefloor madness.

Where title track 'XTC' was meant to sit there is Uk Funky and Grime hybrid 'Ankle Tag'. We have 'Tiki' with it's booming kicks and arp'd call and response percussion; a track that would sit comfortably next to the work of Redlight and New York Transit Authority. 'Nothin Sweet' a thunderous 16 wheeler of a track crazily careering out of contro, and with a swift e-mail, my personal highlight, the aforementioned 'XTC'.

Gully seems to be the word that springs to mind when you first hear XTC, it's certified for a reload. Cheesy hardcore piano's and rave vox drive the build up before dropping into a monsterous piece of UK Funky punctuated by solanoid bleeps. The kind of track that would hold it's own alongside Champion and Roska productions.

Unashamedly aimed at the dancefloor, Killjoy has gone in hard with all four tracks setting a high standard for future releases on Tumble Audio. With Majora's Boss Key EP set to follow suit as the next release it looks like this label will be making serious future moves."

Below the Line


released January 11, 2013



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